Our Story

How does a group on today’s Christian music landscape find their place? Do they stick to the songs of the good ole days, or do they adapt to a more modern sound and embrace modern worship?

When it comes to popular duo Brothers Forever, there isn’t much of a dilemma. The group has managed to walk the fine line of modern and traditional for years and welcome both styles of music with open arms in regards to performing and leading worship services in churches today.

“We are so comfortable with all forms of Church music,” responded Curtis Hagy of Brothers Forever. “We love to sing it all. It’s not a battle or struggle for us. It’s just who we are.”

Formed in 2004 as a Southern Gospel quartet, the Gospel group transitioned into the duo you hear today under the leadership of founding member Curtis Hagy. Hagy is joined by versatile vocalist Gary Ballew. The duo has forged their own sound – which can clearly be heard on their latest national release -”Difference” on Willow Creek Records Nashville, which features songs like, That’s Why I Pray, Live To Love, Difference, Changed, Fight, and I Do.  This record reflects the unchanging truth of the Gospel in a progressive, cutting edge sound. Their previous release Sheltered -  spawned off five Top 40 singles. 

Brothers Forever bravely travel down a music path that many say is impossible. Whether you’re a fan of barn-burning Southern Gospel or more inspirational based sounds, Brothers Forever is more than capable of delivering a varied style and sound.  Gary Ballew said, “We really feel like having an eclectic sound has helped to open the doors for us in areas that we could never have imagined. God has taken us down many new and interesting paths, and we are so excited to go where he directs!”

The group’s remarkable sound has managed to place them in front of thousands of people all across the country – from California to New York. The group’s musical diversity has managed to open new doors for the group – such as a performance on the Christian Music Hall of Fame and Awards Ceremony which was televised on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Whether a fan of the traditional or modern, Brothers Forever concerts offer something for everyone in the audience. They know that God has placed a huge task before them, and they are willing to go wherever He leads.